Wanda Media Announced to Be Established

On December 28, 2016, Wanda Media held its press conference in Beijing to release its integrated marketing strategy entitled “the Power of Business”. At the press conference, Wanda announced to officially establish “Wanda Media” and launch the new concept of the “Integrated Marketing” proposed by Wanda Media.

Zeng Maojun, Senior Vice President of Wanda Culture Group and President of Wanda Cinemas, expressed that, as the integrated marketing era is approaching, upgrading the marketing approach becomes urgent. The integrated marketing defined by Wanda Media is based on “integrated scenario”. Namely, it is an integrated marketing concept to help consumers to make onsite decisions and implant the brand to consumers’ lovely memory through perfectly integrating consumer’s emotion with real commercial scenarios in such functions as exhibition, experience and sales, in combination of one or several real commercial scenarios, based on the entry of “the greatest common divisor social networking scenario” targeted at young moviegoers, in line with the individual demands of advertising owners and based on behaviors and habits when consumers are in a good mood.

Wanda Media (formerly Wanda Cinemas Media) is an integrated film marketing provider of Wanda Cinemas. One and a half years ago, Wanda Cinemas acquired CMM Group and integrated it into its marketing business. Around six months ago, Wanda acquired Propaganda GEM–a Hollywood integrated marketing company. The transaction has been delivered recently. In addition, Wanda has a media company in Australia — Val Morgan, which owns more than 95% of market shares in Australian cinema lines.

Source: Entgroup.cn, By: Zhuge Naonao