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France Film Production Support Service Overview

May 13, 2019 chiefeditor 0

France’s iconic locations are in high demand from international producers following improvements to the country’s financial incentives. France has turned around its reputation as an expensive territory in which to shoot following significant enhancements to […]

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Japan in the Films

October 27, 2016 chiefeditor 0

Compared with advertisement and tourist handbook, film is the best way to promote the scenery in a place. You might not like all the films shot in Japan, yet some of the scenery in the […]

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On the Shoulders of Hollywood Giants

September 5, 2016 chiefeditor 0

Most people who visit Canada are amazed by its picturesque scenery and rich modern culture. Its varied natural features (including rainforests, mountains, and canyons) and its bustling cities are inspirational, leading to a large number […]

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God Created Women, and France Created Films

May 16, 2016 chiefeditor 0

  “God created women, and France created films.” The French Lumière brothers invented films, and thus augured the start of the international movie industry. Most of the first generation of Lumière’s films and the efforts […]

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Hong Kong: The City as a Film Set

March 14, 2016 chiefeditor 0

A group of ruffians sitting in a tea restaurant in Goodbye Mr. Cool. Stories of old Hong Kong in Echoes of the Rainbow. Unforgettable laughs in King of Comedy. The lively underworld of As Tears […]