Chinese Film Market is the English Magazine that gives comprehensive coverage of the rapidly growing Chinese film market. CFM based on the international film festivals and markets, providing reports from the scene to the events, trying to become a leading institution for film consulting and analysis. The magazine focuses on Chinese film box office database, providing data analysis, customized research, etc. CFM will makes further effort to promote healthy and sustainable development of Chinese film industry and encourage the interaction between Chinese films and the world.

With years of accumulation, CFM owned its professional distribution network covering most class A international film festivals and film markets. The distribution channels also include the international and domestic industry associations, the official agencies, film production companies, distribution companies and related cultural institutions. CFM is aiming for building professional and efficient film industry database.

Since the year of 2014, CFM became the exclusivity partner of CINANDO in China. As one of China Film Promotion International’s strategic partners, CFM also took a good advantage of resources, successfully meeting the industry’s high-end demands, such as project promotions, venture events, business communication, including series of offline activities, to build professional platform for industry interaction. Now, CFM is developing the new system of film industry database.

In 2017, CFM will be generally upgraded, widely cooperate with industry leaders and keep focusing on data analysis and research project. The magazine will provide high quality service through integrated media platform and new social media. More professional big data and analysis reports will be released with the supports from CINANDO as well as other partners. CFM hopes to provide decision support on project investment and promotion for Chinese film industry with all efforts.