A New Policy will be Promulgated in 2017: The Highest Award Up to RMB6 million

In 2016, the total box-office revenues in Chinese market exceed RMB 44 billion of 2015 and the nation-wide contribution to the national film funds will exceed RMB2.3 billion in 2016. In 2015, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television allocated RMB243.2411 million from government funds to serve as film development funds. Recently, the Administrative Measures for the Collection and Use of National Special Funds for the Development of Film Undertakings is promulgated, which specifies the award policies. As per the award policy promulgated, excellent Chinese films will be awarded annually (it plans to start from the beginning of 2017 to evaluate screened films in 2016). Specifically, the award is classified into three categories. The highest award for a film will be up to RMB6 million.

According to the newly released award policy, the candidate films must fall into one of the following four categories: Also, the requirements on admissions and box office are specified: In principle, the admissions shall be more than 100,000 (including 100,000) and the box-office revenue in Chinese market shall be RMB20 million or above. The candidate films will be rated from the criteria including social effect, art quality, technology innovation and market share.

In terms of supporting film creation, the National Film Development Funds Management Committee has particularly offered its support for the special films in recent two years, such as granting subsidies for domestic 3D movies and IMAX cinemas. As per the previous regulations, domestic 3D or IMAX films can receive the subsidy of RMB 1 million if reaching a box office of RMB50 million and the subsidy of up to RMB10 million if reaching a box office of RMB500 million. Domestic 3D or IMAX films will benefit from this regulation. On March 22, the National Film Development Funds Management Committee released the Notice Regarding Awarding Cinemas Making Outstanding Progress in Screening Domestic Films. Pursuant to this Notice, cinemas will be refunded with 50% of the revenues contributed from screening domestic films to the national special funds for the development of film undertakings if the box office from screened domestic films accounts for above two thirds of the total box-office revenues in the year (i.e. up to 66% of the total box-office revenues of the year).

Source: Entgroup.cn By: Xiaoxiao