Zhang Yimou’s ONE SECOND Selected as Finalist of the In Competition Section of Berlin International Film Festival


Produced by Huanxi Media Group Limited and directed by Zhangyimou, ONE SECOND has been short-listed for the In Competition section of the 69th Berlin International Film Festival, contending for the Golden Bear award together with excellent films from other countries and regions.


Five-time entrant of Berlin Film Festival returns to the origin after 30 years of light and show

Since RED SORGHUM became the first Asian movie to win the Golden Bear award in 1988, Zhang Yimou has participated in Berlin Film Festive for five times. His 30 years of relationship with Belin Film Festival has paved the way for Chinese films to go global.

With the announcement of the finalists of Belin Film Festival, the international version poster of ONE SECOND was released simultaneously, and leading actor Zhang Yi and the new leading lady started to attract attention. Who is the leading actress is still a secret. The film is about memories and feelings of people at the celluloid film era in the mid-1970’s.

Huanxi Media is committed to integrating business success and artistic value

As one of China’s most innovative film and TV content investors and producers, Huanxi Media produced ASH IS PUREST WHITE directed by Jia Zhangke in 2018, which became a finalist of the In Competition section of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, and this is the second consecutive year that its film contends for international film awards. While attaching importance to box office performance in the investment process, Huanxi Media pays attention to extensive social effects and the artistic nature of the film, enabling its films to achieve both real business success and artistic value. CEO of Huanxi Media Mr. Xiang Shaokun said, “ONE SECOND is a success story of our strategy to partner with China’s important directors to produce excellent films.”

Zhang Yimou’s film ONE SECOND will be screened in China in 2019.

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