The Marché du Film Partnering with SIFF Young

Director and screenwriter Han Shuai, director and screenwriter Liang Ming, and director Rao Xiaozhi, Wang Jing, and Derek Tsang, five well-known filmmakers in the industry, as the first batch of young filmmakers of SIFF YOUNG X.

In recent years, SIFF has been actively seeking innovation and changes. Based on many years of cooperation with The Marché du Film, this year the two international non-specialized competitive film festivals have reached a substantive new cooperation on SIFF YOUNG X. Under the guidance of the Shanghai Film Bureau and jointly initiated by SIFF and The Marché du Film, the two will give full play to their platform effect, and provide Chinese young filmmakers with broader development space and smoother growth path.

During SIFF, experts and scholars offered directions on the progress and growth path to young filmmakers, and explored the unique charm and growth trend of young filmmakers, encouraging and enlightening young filmmakers greatly. Producers such as Ning Hao, Natacha Devillers, etc. appeared to share personal insights to help young filmmakers to grow sustainably and promote the birth of more new and excellent films.

Liang Ming, who decided he was better suited to filmmaking than acting, took part in the film festival’s SIFF project in 2012, “I took six years to finally complete my direction of ‘Wisdom Tooth'(2020) after the SIFF project, which was a showcase for the work of young directors and screenwriters. “Liang said.

Rao Xiaozhi, director of drama “Hello,Rob” encouraged young talent to “dare to try.” He added,” the desire to express is always the first thing that should be considered by the director, rather than to meet the targets of the box office.”

A member of the judging panel, producer Natacha Devillers, called for young filmmakers to focus first on making heartfelt stories, and the use international platforms to perfect their style for global audiences.

The panel chairman, director Ning Hao, said that “filmmaking is a lifetime journey for directors, especially for young talent whose work should reflect themselves.”

The Marché du Film is very much looking forward to this new multi-year collaboration, not only to celebrate SIFF Young’s new wave of formidable filmmakers but to also help embolden their cinematic voices and connect them with the European film market.

The five filmmakers selected in the first session of SIFF YOUNG X will appear at The Marché du Film through video. This world’s largest film market will help them gain access to the European film industry.