The First Shortlist of SIFF PROJECT 2017 Released

SIFF PROJECT of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) will be held from 18th to 20th June, 2017 in Shanghai. The committee has received 380 projects submitted from 21 countries and regions and the number is still increasing steadily with high quality guaranteed. The first shortlist of SIFF PROJECT is released today covering 30 projects from 6 countries and regions, of which 10 have made their way into the New Talent Project. In addition to the major events, SIFF PROJECT has newly set up PROJECT Training Camp, whose shortlist will be disclosed next week.

Included in the shortlist are Wedding Dress directed by LIU Hao, two-time finalist at the San Sebastian International Festival, We Are the Champions directed by Jung-Chi CHANG (director of Touch of the Light) in his second collaboration with the executive producer Rachel CHEN, The Manchuria Tiger directed by GENG Jun again set in Northeast China, The Vladimir Road the first feature film by the renowned documentary director DU Haibin and produced by Hsiaoming HSU, Ruby CHEN, and Mary STEPHEN, The Distant Scripture Flag produced by PEMA Tseden and directed by the new director TENZIN Nyima, The Girl from Shanghai directed by the new director WANG Bo and produced by the director SHENG Zhimin with scriptwriter GU Zheng as the executive producer, The Outlaw in the Inferno directed by the beginner director Jerry STONE and produced by LIU Yiwei, Song of Sakartvelo directed by WANG Yao and produced by XIE Fei, about a special story between China and Georgia, and Crash directed by YANG Shupeng and produced by Sara Sha.

In addition, there are Go It Alone, the debut of the actress QIN Hailu as a director, the touching A Fool In Love, Love Like A Fool directed by the actor Cheng-Lung LAN based on his 10-year devotion to the people with Down syndrome, Bewitched, a mystery with folk customs in Northeast China directed by the actor ZHAO Yi who starred in the TV series Yongzheng Dynasty and The Grand Mansion Gate, GOGO XIAOSA adapted from the popular novel of the same name directed by LI Xiaochuan (who starred in The Dead End and Where the Wind Settles), The Song of Women produced by film critic TENG Jingshu and directed by scriptwriter XU Zhanxiong, and Never Too Late directed by film critic and scriptwriter Liu Shuo.

SIFF PROJECT has always been committed to showcasing varied genres of movies to the market. Therefore, there are not only movies with sci-fi elements like Interchange by the young director HUANG Kai Kevin, City of Fate directed by CHEN Yiliang, Calculated directed by ZHANG Jieyong and Inodus, but also popular crime films, such as Gone Mad directed by budding director NA Jiazuo, Man with A Secret directed by WEN Shipei who studied in the USA, Return directed by WANG Ziren and Burn Love into Ashes presented by Dadi Pictures.

Movies focusing on everyday life have gained a lot of attention as well. There are Rocky Road directed by Marco PONG and produced by the critic/scholar River STONE adapted from a true story in Shanghai, She directed by young director ZHAO Long and produced by Yan Yunfei, and The Way to Heaven directed by LIU Teng reflecting the contemporary rural people’s view on death and belief. As for film adaptations, besides GOGO XIAOSA, there are Freedom presented by PMF Pictures adapted from SHI Wei’s novel of the same name, and Summer Killed by Me directed by ZHOU Houheng Heaven Pictures adapted from the famous novelist ZHANG Ji’s work. Dream Shop tries to reflect the craftsmanship of the photographer based on a seasoned photo studio in Hong Kong, and Yellow Poppy, a Sino-British co-production, tells about the friendship between a Chinese worker and a British deserter in World War I.




Country/Region: China

Director: ZHANG Jieyong

Producer: XIN Ningning


Country/Region: China

Director: HUANG Kai Kevin

Executive Producer: ZHUO Wu Charley

Producer: HSU Ethan

Wedding Dress

Country/Region: China

Director: LIU Hao

Producer: HUANG Wei

City of Fate

Country/Region: China

Director: CHEN Yiliang

Producer: ZHANG Siyu

The Outlaw in the Inferno

Country/Region: China

Director: Jerry STONE

Executive Producer: LIU Yiwei

Producer: HUANG XuFeng


Country/Region: China, Egypt

Director: GUAN Xi

Producer: ZHU Li

A Fool In Love, Love Like A Fool

Country/Region: Taiwan

Director: Cheng-Lung LAN

Producer: Han-Hsien TSENG


Country/Region: China

Director: LI Xiaochuan

Producer: LI Liangwen

Rocky Road

Country/Region: China

Director: Marco PONG

Executive Producer: Edward TANG

Producer: Selina YANG, River STONE

The Vladimir Road

Country/Region: China

Director: DU Haibin

Producer: Hsiaoming HSU, Ruby CHEN, Mary STEPHEN

We Are the Champions

Country/Region: Taiwan

Director: Jung-Chi CHANG

Producer: Rachel CHEN


Country/Region: China

Director: ZHAO Yi

Producer: SUN Haibin

The Manchuria Tiger

Country/Region: China

Director: GENG Jun

Producer: WANG Zijian, GUO Dong

Burn Love into Ashes

Country/Region: China

Director: ZHANG Yuyao

Producer: ZHANG Qun, DU Qingchun, CUI Yi

Song of Sakartvelo

Country/Region: China, Georgia

Director: WANG Yao

Producer: XIE Fei

Dream Shop

Country/Region: China

Director: SHEN Shen

Producer: YUAN Mei

The Distant Scripture Flag

Country/Region: China

Director: TENZIN Nyima

Producer: PEMA Tseden

Yellow Poppy

Country/Region: China, U.K.

Director: David K.S. TSE

Producer: Ajay RAI

The Song of Women

Country/Region: China

Director: XU Zhanxiong

Producer: TENG Jingshu


Country/Region: China

Director: LI Xiwen

Executive Producer: PAN Hengsheng

Producer: ZHANG Guanren

New Talent Project

Gone Mad

Country/Region: China

Director: NA Jiazuo

Producer: Sara DING

The Way to Heaven

Country/Region: China

Director: LIU Teng

Producer: WANG Sheng

Man with A Secret

Country/Region: China

Director: WEN Shipei

Producer: WANG Jing


Country/Region: China

Director: ZHAO Long

Executive Producer: YAN Yunfei

Producer: WEN Yuxiang


Country/Region: China

Director: WANG Ziren

Producer: Cindy Mi LIN

Never Too Late

Country/Region: China

Director: LIU Shuo

Producer: HAN Xiaoling

Summer Killed by Me

Country/Region: China

Director: ZHOU Houheng

Producer: LI Jing


Country/Region: China

Director: Sara Sha

Executive Producer: YANG Shupeng

Producer: LIU Yanzhi

The Girl from Shanghai

Country/Region: China

Director: WANG Bo

Executive Producer: GU Zheng

Producer: SHENG Zhimin

Go It Alone

Country/Region: China

Director: QIN Hailu

Producer: CHEN Lizhi

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