Tencent Pictures Production List 2017

  1. Blood of Youth

Director: Yang Shupeng

Screenwriter: Lu Wenying

Starring: Ou Hao, Guo Shutong, Yu Nan, Guo Xiaodong, Zhang Yi and Liu Tianzuo

Genre: Feature, action and thriller

Release Date: Dec. 9th

Storyline: The boy Su Ang (played by Ou Hao) and the girl Lin Qiao (Guo Shutong) study at the same boarding school. Su Ang is always bullied by his classmate, A Gui. Lin Qiao, a thin and weak girl, protects Su Ang with a shovel. In this way, the two grow up together. The discovery of a pile of bones causes a sensation in the town. Zhang Jianyu (played by Zhang Yi), head of the criminal investigation team, takes over the case. Progress is made in a hard way and the secrets of Lin Qiao are gradually exposed. All is to settle down.


  1. Path Finder

Screenwriter/Director: Zhang Xiaobei

Starring: To be determined

Genre: Sci-fi

Status: In preparation

Storyline: Alien immigrants, wasted land, and the mind of people being the worst, not the environment.


  1. Asura

Executive Producer: Liu Xiaoguang

Starring: To be determined

Genre: Feature, comedy, action and animation

Status: In preparation

Storyline: It is adapted from an online game of Tencent. With unremitting fights, the destiny is no longer decided by God.


  1. Koseidon

Producer: Takashige Ichise

Starring: To be determined

Status: In preparation

Storyline: It is theatrical version of a popular Japanese Tokusatsu TV series “Dinosaur Corps Koseidon”, jointly produced by filmmakers in China, Japan and the US. Dubbed as the Eastern Cretaceus Park, it features the dream of the young people of being hero, an Asian hero. It breaks the boundary of time and space.


  1. The Tuzki in 3D


Starring: To be determined

Status: In preparation

Storyline: Real people + CG film, based on the classic image of Tuzki


  1. Fighter of The Destiny

Partners: Wanda Media and Linmon Pictures

Literature planning: Fan Kan

Screenwriter: Fang Qiangqiang, Fan Kan and Li Feifei

Starring: To be determined

Status: In preparation

Storyline: Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Mao Ni, the film tells the story of how the protagonists changed their fate.


  1. QQ Speed

Director: Liu Fuyuan

Starring: To be determined

Genre: Sci-fi and animation

Status: In preparation

Storyline: It is a sci-fi animation with new worldview adapted from the Tencent game, QQ Speed.


  1. The Possessed

Producer: Sun Deqiang

Screenwriter: Ma Kai

Director: Ma Kai

Starring: He Jia, Dong Tianwen, He Yuanyuan, Zhao Shuda, Feng Danju and Wen Zhongxue

Genre: Feature, suspense and thriller

Status: Upcoming

Storyline: Liu Meng (played by He Jia) and Ding Xin (played by Dong Tianwen) are college students. To explore the culture of superstition in the countryside, they decide to make a documentary about fortune-telling in a village. Mrs. and Mr. Wang (played by Feng Danju and Wen Zhongxue), are the two famous fortune tellers in the village. The villagers often invite them to perform rituals to drive out evil spirits. When the Liu and Ding arrive at the village, they encounter them, who are invited to perform the ritual for Chen Li (played by He Yuanyuan, the sister of Chen Daqing (played by Zhao Shuda). Therefore, they follow the two fortune tellers into the remote village. With the making of the documentary and deeper communication with Mrs. Wang, Liu and Ding are gradually trapped, without knowing that it is the beginning of a nightmare.


  1. 100000 Ways to Lmao

Director: Lu Hengyu and Li Shujie

Genre: Comedy and animation

Status: Post-production

Storyline: It is the second IP film based on the popular cartoon 100000 Ways toto Lmao.


  1. The Snow Child

Director: Lu Hengyu and Li Shujie

Starring: To be determined

Genre: Feature and fantasy

Status: In preparation

Storyline: It is a new version of the classic animation The Snow Child produced by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio


  1. The Peerless Master

Screenwriter: Lu Zhengyu

Director: Lu Zhengyu

Genre: Feature and comedy

Status: Upcoming

Storyline: An idle young man Lu Xiaoyu meets Xiao Man, a foodie, in the process of executing a destruction mission, and makes use of her to fulfill his “big task”. He is then involved in the world of foodies and gets to know the dazzling cooking skills. Gradually, he is moved by the master cooks and led to the right path.


  1. 20,000 Li Plan

Director: Lu Chuan

Starring: To be determined

Genre: Feature

Status: In preparation


  1. Kong: Skull Island


Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Corey Hawkins and Samuel L. Jackson

Genre: Action, fantasy and adventure

Status: Upcoming

Storyline: An action/adventure story centered on King Kong’s origins.