As the world is still struggling with the pandemic, the film industry in China is booming: cinemas are open, the box office is thriving, and Chinese producers are active on all kinds of content. This is why this market is more important for international producers than ever.

For this reason, Bridging the Dragon – together with the Marché du Film – will host for the sixth consecutive year the Sino-International One-to-One Meetings as part of a two-day intensive program focusing on China. The aim is to match-make a number of selected international professionals with Chinese counterparts according to their mutual focuses and goals. This edition will be open not only to production companies but more broadly to sales companies, distributors, post-production houses and projects as well. The event will take place virtually at 9:00 – 13:00 CET on Tuesday, 13 July.

The program will include two panel discussions on Monday, 12 July about the latest trends in the Chinese film market, as well as a free consultation service to be scheduled with Bridging the Dragon’s experts.

Bridging the Dragon Producers Association was founded in 2014 by a group of top-level producers, Bridging the Dragon is an association connecting European and Chinese film professionals. It organizes events and seminars at major international film festivals, provides networking opportunities and offers to its members consultancy on producing films between Europe and China.