Production List 2016

China Film Co., Ltd.

Part of Film Programs of China Film Co., Ltd.

For 2016: 33 films in total, including films to be released, to be shot and to be prepared.


To be released:(16 films)

My War, Xuan Zang, Chinese Salesman, Kung Fu Panda 3, The Mermaid, The Great Wall, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon : Sword of Destiny, Warcraft, Kong Fu Yoga, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Arctic, Tik Tok, Everybody’s Fine, The Monkey King II, Little Door Gods, Cold War II


To be shot:(9 films)

The Founding of PLA, Dong Ji Rescuing, The Eternal Wave , Perfect Moon, The Legend of the Mongol Khan, A Journey through China, Genghis’s Treasure, Plump Chicks, The Legend of the Magic Mammoth


To be prepared(8 films)

Sha Jia Bang, National Operations, Zheng He 1421, Sou Shen Ji, Code of Shanhaijing , The Wandering Earth, The Era of Supernova, Yujie Jiadao


Huayi Brothers Media Corp.

Huayi Brothers published 15 upcoming films for 2016.


Run For Love

Directed by Zhang Yibai, Guan Hu, Zhang Meng, Teng Huatao, Gao Qunshu

Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Peng Yuyan, Tong Liya, Zhou Dongyu, Chen Yanxi, Zhang Yi, Liang Jing, Wang Qianyuan, Wu Mochou.

Brave for true love.


New York, New York

Directed by Luo Dong

Produced by Guan Jinpeng

Starring: Ruan Jingtian, Du Juan, Miao Qiaowei, Ye Tong

Ups and downs in the ocean of lust in the days of gold rush


It’s a Wonderful Life

Directed by He Weiting


The Legend of Lei Zhenzi

Directed by Xu An, Yang Longcheng


The Wasted Times

Directed by Cheng Er

Starring: Ge You, Zhang Ziyi, Tadanobu Asano, Zhong Xintong, Du Chun, Ni Dahong, Yuanquan, Yan Ni, Zhao Baogang, Han Geng, Huo Siyan, Zhong Hanliang, Wang Chuanjun, Du Jiang, Lv Xing


Four Idiots

Directed by Cui Junjie


Who’s Next

Directed by Tian Yusheng


My Name is Xuelian Li

Directed by Feng Xiaogang

Adapted from I am Not Pan Jinlian written by Liu Zhenyun, Back to realistic theme.


The Boy

Directed by William Brent Bell

The “boy” has his own rules.


Free State of Jones

Directed by Gary Ross

Starring: Matthew McConaughey

An epic action-drama film to establish a free state


The Nice Guys

Directed by Shane Black

The first cooperation between Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe, a pair of fighting but lovely business partners,show a startling conspiracy



Directed by Duncan Jones


Rock Dog

Directed by Ash Brannon

Original comics of Zheng Jun, Chinese story+ China investment + top-notch Hollywood production team

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Out of This World

Directed by Peter Chelsom

Talented child star Asa Butterfield+ Gary Oldman

A cute child from Mars comes to the earth to seek Dad.


Savage Lawyer

Directed by Peter Segal

The first cooperation between Chinese baldheaded Mr.McDreamy and the Hollywood stylish guy


Bona Film Group Limited.

26 films from nearly 30 Chinese filmmakers including Ang Lee, Tsui Hark, Derek Yee Tung-sing, Andrew Lau , Siu-Fai Mak , Andy Lau , Shaohong Li, etc.


International project: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk


Action films: Death Duel, Monsters of Martial Arts, the Matchless, Legendary Outlaw


Gangster films: Zhui Long (Chasing the Dragon), Mekong, Tang Kou, the Deadly Reclaim, Red Spy


Comedy films: From Vegas to Macau3, the Dirty Dozen, Mysterious Treasure


Suspense films: The House That Never Dies2, Ghosts Don’t Say, Catch the monkey


Drama films: When will the moon be clear and bright, Change of Heart, Moonstruck, Spell of the Fragrance, SPL Ⅲ,Unbroken, a new unnamed movie directed by Huang Jian, a new unnamed movie directed by Shaohong Li


Love films: Pre-nup, Bold Journeys of Love, How much love can be messed up


Others: Play version of Mojin: the Lost Legend, the Internet drama the Great “Crack”


Le Vision Pictures

In 2016, Le Vision Pictures will provide a total of 20 films of different types to cater to different groups of audiences, including the young, parents and children views, movie fans, etc.


Part 1. 1 film for parents and children: Boonie Bears


Part 2. 6 youth films: Perfect Lady, Being Lovelorn on School Opening Day, Mr. High-heel, Fashion Together, Beauty queen’s personal expert, Who Sleeps My Bro


Part 3. 7 fantasy films: The Grave Robber’s Chronicles, Criminal Minds / Profiler, Bounty Hunters, Love in Restaurant, Agent Man, Jumper, CRI ICAL


Part 4. 2 humanitarian literary films: Redemption of an Evil Tramp, Kangrinboqê 


Part 5. 3 Hollywood blockbusters: Mechanic: Resurrection, Criminal, Gods of Egypt


Part 6. 1 Sino-US co-production: The Great Wall



Enlight Media Corp.



Man Zhou Kuai Che

Shanghai Beach

Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple: Thirteen Cudgel Monks Protecting the Tang Prince

The Swordsman in Double Flag Town

Jade Dynasty

Yesterday Once More

I Belonged to You

Swords of Legends

I am Gonna Marry You

The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Everyone Knows


Europe Adventures

Eastern Palace


Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World

The Devotion of Suspect X


Fujian Hengye Film Distribution Co., Ltd

From 2016 to 2017, Hengye plans to release 28 films in total with the targeted box office 3 billion Yuan.

Movie Release Schedule

1.15 The Secret

3.4 The Guest

3.31 The Mysterious Family

4.29 MBA Partners

5.20 The Bodyguard

6.1 The Floating Planet

6.9 One Night Only

6.30 Imperfect Couple

7.15 Oolong courtyard

7.30 Peaceful Island

8.5 Girls II

8.19 The Road Not Taken

9.15 All’s Well Ends Well Too III

9.30 The House That Never Dies II

11.11 MIN & MAX

12.2 Hi, Nuts

12.16 Childhood Buddy

12.31 Neighbors from Hell


Films in production

The House That Never Dies III, Black Pupil, Glorious Mission, We can’t do anything except love

Mu Lan Qi Yuan, I Love You,

Community, Welcome to San Francisco, The Last Taoist Priest


Alibaba Film Co., Ltd

Ten great III of peach blossom

The Ferryman