Box Office of Chinese films in Q1 2017

Overview of Box office in Q1 from 2015 to 2017

In Q1 2017, China had accumulated box office of RMB14.464 billion, 0.411 billion admissions, 22.579 million screenings, with ongoing screenings up 32.15% and box office down 0.03% on a yearly basis. Admissions also posted negative growth. Online service fees shall also be counted as box office due to the change of box office calculations in 2017. But the decrease also indicates heavy pressure for the box office in Chinese film market in 2017.

The first three months of Q1 2017 posted box offices of 4.906 billion, 6.186 billion and 3.372 billion, respectively. Box office in January posted gradual increase for three consecutive years due to the effect of the Spring Festival period, and decreased in February and March on a yearly basis of around 10%. Box office in January had sound performance due to the effect of the Spring Festival period and surged in February driven by the continued popularity of hot movies during the Spring Festival and the excellent performance of imported films.

Film Summary in Q1 2017

Top three in Q1 of 2017 are Kung Fu Yoga, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, with box offices of 1.753 billion, 1.657 billion and 1.128 billion, respectively. A total of 65 domestic films are screened in Q1 with the box office proportion of 45.82%, while merely 25 imported films are screened with the box office proportion of 45.41%. It shows that the number of imported films screened is no more than half of the domestic films but the quarterly box office takes up nearly half of the domestic films; individual films post a revenue of nearly 262.73 million. Among top 10 films in box-office rankings, there are six imported films.