The First Art Film Company in China will Release Seven New Films

On December 2, Blackfin, the first art film company in China, held a press conference to release its seven new films in 2017. At the press conference, Blackfin released its plan for producing seven new films, which are Siberian Tiger (Directed by Geng Jun), The God of Small Things (Directed by Tan Yuke), The Crime of Wish (Directed by Wang Tong), No. 23 (Directed by Xia Hao), Silence In The Mist (Directed by Hu Yangyi), Mosaic Portrait (Directed by Zhai Yixiang), Macaque (Directed by Qiu Jiongjiong). All these seven films have their own distinctively artistic characteristics, greatly different from current homogeneous commercial films and brining a breath of fresh air to the industry.

With the development of Chinese film industry and maturing of audiences, this year sees breakthrough progress in art films. Art films leverage their strengths in terms of either market revenues or the art appreciation of the film festivals. Blackfin has gained a wide range of recognition in the industry mainly since the screening of Kaili Blues in July. This movie won the Best New Director prizes at the Locarno International Film Festival and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards and achieved good box-office performance as well.

Apart from representing the expression of young directors, these seven films explore film languages and styles in different ways, such as The God of Small Things and Silence In The Mist. Some films realized grafting in terms of art and genre: such as dark comedy-Siberian Tiger; and The Crime of Wish and Mosaic Portrait with crime and suspense elements. However, these directors share some common attributes such as adhering to independence, author-ness and expressiveness. Their creativity is inspired from their attention to the reality and humanity. Wang Zijian, the founder of Blackfin and producer of seven new films elaborates the future development of Blackfin. The fast growth of the film market provides favorable conditions for Blackfin’s development. However, the situation of art films is not optimistic compared to commercial films. The release of seven new films by Blackfin causes a sensation, bringing a breath of fresh air among those movies produced only for the box office.

Source:, By: Meng Jia

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