Japan Content Showcase 2018 Highlights


TIFFCOM, the affiliated multi-content market of the Tokyo International Film Festival, will once again be held with the Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) and the Tokyo International Anime Festival (TIAF), under the umbrella of the Japan Content Showcase (JCS).

JCS2018 will be held in Ikebukuro and Shibuya from October 22nd Monday to October 25th Thursday.

There will be influential buyers not only from Asia but from around the world attracted to the market by its wide variety of content holders from diverse industries. JCS have provided chances to create new business opportunities through the seminars, events, networking parties, and of course, business meetings.

Scaled up events by moving to Ikebukuro since 2017

TIFFCOM and TIAF have moved to Ikebukuro from Odaiba since 2017. There were a significant expansions in venue space (+130%) and exhibition space (+120%) compared to the previous venue.

We have developed a variety of related events with Ikebukuro City, which boasts new cultural infrastructure.

Record-breaking in 2017, JCS expect higher record in 2018

JCS 2017 had a record-breaking total of 371 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions (2016: 356 from 20 countries and regions), and 1,539 buyers from 50 countries registered (2016: 1,539 from 49 countries registered), the highest-record to date.

The total number of participants was 19,549  (2016: 18,330), the number of business meetings was 7,798  (2016: 6,805), and total deal value was $60,050,000 (2016:$53,053,381).

The exhibition booth space from foreign countries have increased 121% (at Sep 13th) from last year while the TIFFCOM grew up as the contents market representing Asia, and moreover the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics in 2020 have been big effect. The total number of exhibited countries and regions are 28.

Asia: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Europe: Armenia, Estonia, France, Greece, Kosovo, Lithuania, Malta, Rumania, Russia, Switzerland, UK

North America: Canada, USA

South America: Chile

Oceania: Australia

Middle East: UAE

Africa: Mauritius

Countries and regions exhibited for the first in JCS; Armenia, Romania, Malta and Mauritius.

Exhibitors who handle the characters and animation genre have increased dramatically (Character: 32.4%, Animation: 15% increased). In addition, the format extremely increased almost seven times more compared to last year. The attention to Japan content for second use has been increasing drastically. The buyers registered by 39 countries and regions, the ratios of overseas buyers increased more than domestic buyers from last year (domestic 28.7%, overseas 71.3%). The top of demanded category to acquire by the registered buyers is the animation.

Focus on IP/Book Adaptation

There were a big response and success last year, we will strengthen the plans to focus on IP (intellectual property), Book Adaptation ( picturization rights ) this year in JCS.

There have been demands rising up from buyers related to the IP/Book Adaptations rights. Responding to that, the IP/ Book Adaptation mark listed on the official guide book and the exhibition booths of rights holders to make it clear for the buyers since last year.

Total number of business meetings have increased so drastically by this IP/Book Adaptation tackle.

This year’s new featured project is “Japan Now Presentation”

The new featured project “Japan Now Presentation in TIFFCOM” is planned as the introduction for creators in Japan to the international stage, in association with the initiatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. JCS provides better guidance for international buyers to have business meetings with exhibitors who handle the creator’s work (or the creator) by introducing remarkable creators in Japan on our official website and in the guidebook to be distributed in the venue. Through special opportunities to screen content made by remarkable creators all day in the screening room, JCS will increase business opportunities for those creators as a new dimension of the market.

Some of the titles in the Japan Now Presentation will be selected from the official selection titles of Japan Now section in Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), and others will be submitted titles from the exhibitors. In addition, some of the prominent creators will be invited as the guest to the Opening Party of JCS, and representing their works to the participants from all over the world at the stage.

The Seminar lineup

JCS conduct various seminars that will guide industry people to the latest information such as industry trends and the situations of respective countries and regions. The content of the seminar has been decided one after another. We will introduce some seminar lineups in advance.

The detail of seminars

Oct.23 (Tue)

TIAF Pitch Session by International Animation Producers and Business Matching

International animation producers pitch their products and projects. This session provides a great opportunity for animation production studios, producers and directors to learn their pitching technique. You may participate the projects as an international co-production partner for such projects. Networking session follows the pitch session.

【Organizers】Visual Industry Promotion Organization/ The Association of Japanese Animation

【Time】14:00–15:30 Pitching session, 15:30–16:30 Networking

Oct.24 (Wed)

Coproduction Forum: Japan – Europe – Asia

On May 9, 2018 Japan signed a coproduction treaty with China. This seminar will explore various aspects and possibilities of coproduction between Europe, Asia and Japan encompassing Europe-Japan, Europe-Asia, and Asia-Japan by panel discussion style.

【Organizers】Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ UNIJAPAN

【Time】11:00–12:30 Seminar, 12:30–14:30 Networking/ individual meeting (tentative)

Strategies of OTT Service Providers and Future Financing Model

This seminar will invite both domestic and international players in the streaming business that invest or pre-buy contents in development, to each speak about their strategies for content acquisition. In addition, it will discuss gap financing for production costs based on pre-sale contracts with OTT service providers and the like.

【Organizers】Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ QPR Co., Ltd.


Oct.25 (Thu)

MPADHUTIFFCOM Film Workshop Seminar & Pitching Contest

The first part of seminar is the purpose to construct platform for overseas development of young filmmakers. We will invite the expertise producer Andre Morgan, for many years active in the Hollywood and China to talk about future possibility of Japanese films overseas.

The second part, plan pitching will be held. A training trip to Hollywood is conferred on the excellent prize.

【Organizers】Motion Picture Association/ Digital Hollywood University/ TIFFCOM

【Time】10:00–11:15 Master Class Seminar, 11:15–13:00 Pitching contents (TBC)

*all the data: as of Sep 13th

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