Japan Content Showcase 2017 Highlights

The Japan Content Showcase 2017 is a combined triple-market international trade fair scheduled for Monday, October 23 through Thursday, October 26, 2017 at two venues: Ikebukuro and Shibuya. The event maximally leverages accumulated brand value to bring in global industry leaders.


Three markets are held together as “Japan Content Showcase 2017”

This year, focusing on “IP”(Intellectual Property), we plan a lot of IP related seminars and events, and also create a space for IP related business.


“Japan Content Showcase” (JCS) is the 6th joint international film, television, music and animation market since 2012. It is organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC), UNIJAPAN, The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA).

Appropriate for the “Cool Japan” initiatives, it has an advantage of dealing with various content. As the number of foreign visitors including buyers is an increasing trend year by year, the name of JCS is becoming widely known both domestically and abroad.

In 2016 we added Shibuya venue to the main venue in Odaiba. This year we will expand the event scale by moving it from the Odaiba venue to Ikebukuro, and also hold it at two venues. As a result, the total area of the venue increased by 130%, and the area of exhibiting booths also increased by 120%.

We expanded the space that can be used for various events and boosted the holding seminar both in mass.


Japan Content Showcase 2017 official website: http://www.jcs.tokyo/en/

Official websites for the three organizations that make up the JCS consortium:

・Music content market: Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (http://www.promic.net/)

・Film and television content market: UNIJAPAN (https://www.unijapan.org/)

・Anime content market: The Association of Japanese Animations (http://aja.gr.jp/)

Number of exhibitors and registered buyers up 50% or more

In the last five years, JCS has seen the number of exhibitors and registered buyers climb by 50% or more, indicating just how rapidly the Tokyo-based international content market has grown. Despite the countless content markets being held around the world, it is rare to see a trade fair with growth this dramatic—proof that all eyes from the world are on Asia when it comes to content—and more specifically, Japanese media content.


・Number of registered buyers: 1,539

Last year, registered buyers hailed from a record 49 countries and regions, with overseas buyers including four from the Middle East, seven from Africa, seven from Oceania, 16 from Latin America, 84 from North America, 88 from Europe, and 720 from elsewhere in Asia. Asian buyers made up 46.8% of the total last year, up 21% from the year before. The number of Chinese buyers in particular grew markedly, coming in at 140.


・Number of exhibiting organizations: 356

There were 232 exhibiting organizations from Japan last year, accounting for 65.2% of the total. In terms of content category of Japanese exhibitors, 25.9% were in television, 20.1% in anime, 17.2% in music and 16.9% in film. There has been pronounced growth in television, particularly from local channels. Visiting buyers were impressed with the quality of the exhibits, with more than 76% describing them as “good” or “excellent” in a survey.


・Number of business negotiations: 6,805


・Value of contracts: USD 53,053,381

This figure is based on surveys and interviews conducted immediately after the event (236 valid responses collected). Though it includes the value of expected business contracts, it is thought that a follow-up investigation would see that USD 53,053,381 figure increase further.

TIFFCOM gets grander

TIFFCOM has grown and, for this reason, we have selected Ikebukuro as our venue this year. The event will be held in a much bigger space 130% up copares to last year, with the number of exhibition booths increasing drastically as 120% up. There is sufficient space for various events. The quality and quantity of seminars have increased too. This year’s focal theme is Intellectual Property (IP). In this connection, we will organize many seminars and events related to IP and create an IP-related business platform. Today, content moves freely across borders and as the Asian market, starting with China, continues to expand, Japanese content is attracting more interest than before. Being the representative marketplace for Film and TV in Asia, TIFFCOM’s role, too, is constantly growing in importance. We will leverage the cultural infrastructure of Ikebukuro, an area with high affinity for content, to continue organizing various related events moving forward. Please watch for the future of JAPAN CONTENT SHOWCASE and TIFFCOM as they take on this new stage. Begin with a visit to our event venue. You are sure to discover a door leading to global business opportunities. We hope to welcome you to the new stage of TIFFCOM.


Held in Ikebukuro, a district actively transforming itself into an international hub of arts and culture

The TIFFCOM/TIAF film, television, and animation market will be held in Ikebukuro, an anime-friendly town that is also actively transforming itself into an international hub of arts and culture. Until last year, TIFFCOM/TIAF had their primary venue at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, but have decided to relocate to Ikebukuro this year. Ikebukuro was thought to be the ideal location, as it is not only known to be an anime-loving area (home to the Animate headquarters as well as numerous anime-related shops and facilities), but is also actively transforming itself under a Toshima City initiative whose aim is to make Ikebukuro an international district of arts and culture. These efforts are in preparation for the huge number of overseas visitors that Toshima is expected to receive during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. We’re supporting collaborative efforts between the city and Ikebukuro shopping districts to bring the area together as a lively, prosperous event site.


The TIMM music market venue will be located in Shibuya again this year

TIMM has decided on Shibuya, known around the world as a hotbed of Japanese culture, as the site of the music market venue. Shibuya has always been a music-loving area, perfect for showcasing the industry. The 2017 JCS event will mark the second year since the main venue was relocated to Shibuya. With TIMM further specializing in the music aspect of the event, we are still aiming to strengthen ties with TIFFCOM (film) and TIAF (animation) via the Japan Content Showcase while collaborating with tourist associations, outside industries, and other groups in a way that makes the most of the unique features of the Shibuya area. Our goal with these efforts is to create the most advanced international music market to date.

Tokyo International Music Market : https://www.timm.go.jp


JCS seminars have incredible speakers lined up!

Upcoming JCS seminar making headlines with talks from numerous key content industry leaders

The JCS Seminar has always been highly regarded for its hot topics and notable guest speakers, and this year is no exception. The organization has another worthwhile event planned with attention-grabbing leaders from multiple industries set to take the stage. Some notable speakers are introduced below.


  • Paolo Del Brocco:

CEO of the Italian production company Rai Cinema, Del Brocco is the head of the filmmaking department and has been involved in numerous collaborative international film projects in Europe. He will speak about the reasons behind Asia’s current popularity in the film industry and his company’s strategy for the region.


  • Craig Kyle:

Former Film development supervisor for all of Marvel Studios in the US, Kyle took charge of production for Thor trilogy. He is currently working on a live-action drama version of the Japanese manga Ga-Rei. In his seminar, he will talk about its possibility of Japanese contents in the time of streaming service.


  • Kunihiko Murai:

The Japanese legendary songwriter, producer Kunihiko Murai will make keynote speech under the title of “My life in Music in the US and Japan”.

Murai celebrating his 50 year music career as a songwriter this year, has written many evergreen hits such as “Tsubasa o Kudasai”. He is also a pioneer in bringing Japanese music international, known as the founder of “Alfa Records” and one of the key people behind the global success of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) from the label. In this keynote, looking back in his global music career of 25 years in Japan and 25 years in LA in the United States, he will talk about his thoughts on Japanese music in the global market and will give fruitful advice on how to make your music successful globally.


This year, JCS will be holding numerous seminars that focus on the topics of intellectual property and China. Satoshi Shinohara, executive director at the Toei Company, will talk about his company’s overseas strategy for Japan’s special-effects intellectual property business, along with seminars on “the significance of the “Anime Pilgrimage” project now in progress” .


JCS will highlight China relating seminars titled Trends in China’s ACGN (Anime Comic Game Novel) market” and “Case Study: Japan-made Property in China”. There will be a full range of China-related seminars at the TIMM venue in Shibuya as well, including one titled “Music Copyright and Live Entertainment China: The Current and the Future”.


Since last year’s JCS event received stellar reviews for its combined TIMM/TIFFCOM/TIAF seminars that touched on topics in the music, film, and anime genres and across a broad range of formats, this year will bring in the two directors of the Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association to give a talk entitled “TIMM/TIFFCOM/TIAF Joint Seminar World-class Musicals from Japan -The Possibilities of 2.5 Dimensional Musicals”.


With countless other up-to-the-minute topics covered and a diverse group of speakers from Japan and around the world, JCS is the event to watch. Invaluable opportunities and information await anyone and everyone involved in the content business via its many meaningful seminars. Don’t miss it!

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