Growth in Greater China Cinema

Asian films screened at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival are an opportunity to look into the current position of rapidly thriving Greater China cinema, as well as newly emerging trends. It draws attention for up-and-coming directors and independent films to become a new mainstream venue by replacing leading directors who played an important role in Taiwan and Hong Kong cinema, but later expanded their boundaries into China.

SOMEWHERE BEYOND THE MIST by Cheung King Wai, a Hong Kong film selected for New Currents in 7 years, and a Taiwanese film THE LAST VERSE by Tseng Ying-Ting are invited to the New Currents. Numerous Taiwanese films are also invited to this year’s Busan International Film Festival’s A Window on Asian Cinema including THE GREAT BUDDHA+ by Huang Hsin-Yao (a highprofile film that will be screened in A Window on Asian Cinema), MISSING JOHNNY by Huang Xi (a film that Hou Hsiao-hsien helped produce), THE BOLD, THE CORRUPT AND THE BEAUTIFUL by Yang Ya-Che (a 2012 APM project), and ON HAPPINESS ROAD by Sung Hsin-Yin (an animation).

In addition, many other Chinese films will be screened along with this year’s closing film LOVE EDUCATION by Sylvia Chang such as a New Currents nominated END OF SUMMER by Zhou Quan, ONE NIGHT ON THE WHARF by Han Dong, a new film ASH by a former New Currents director Li Xiaofeng, a debut film DRAGONFLY EYES by a leading Chinese artist Xu Bing, WALKING PAST THE FUTURE by a former New Currents director Li Ruijun, and Have a Nice Day by Liu Jian (an animation). Diverse Greater China Cinema raises new expectations and will be enjoyed at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival.

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