Global vision: Release of the International Jury members of “Tiantan Award”

Founded in 2013, “Tiantan Award” has been adhering to the core values ​​of “Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity”. It works to select the best films on a global scale to promote film exchanges around the world, thus promoting the development of. film art. Over the past six years, the “Tiantan Award” has gained a good reputation and a strong brand influence thanks to its international vision and professional standards. In order to raise the “Tiantan Award” to a higher level, the organizing committee, on a global scale, considers the professionalism and artistic achievements when inviting film celebrities at home and abroad to serve as judges of this session. Finally, it has finalized seven members of the International Jury of the Beijing International Film Festival. The jury president is the famous American director Rob Minkoff and the six judges are Chilean director Silvio Gayoqi, Chinese director Cao Baoping, Russian director Sergei De Wattsvoy, Hong Kong actor Carina Lau, Iranian director Majid Makidi and British director Simon West. The seven members are considered as senior filmmakers in the world’s film industry. They are not only highly acclaimed and respected for their outstanding works; each of them has won many international film festival awards and achieved great success. I believe that under the leadership of the Jury President Rob Minkov, the jury will continue to uphold the principle of “fairness and justice” and select ten best works for Tiantan Award from 15 outstanding films.

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