FOCUS ASIA Udine, from the 26th to the 28th of April 2017


The Far East Film Festival (FEFF) is the largest festival of popular Asian cinema in Europe. After the FEFF preview of the films in Udine, many of them were scheduled to be shown on European Tv Channels and online cable television networks.
FEFF selects around 70 films from the Far East countries (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam) that are mainly screened as World, International or European premières. This edition (the 19th) of the Festival will be held in Udine from the 21st to the 29th April 2017.


During the last edition of the Far East Film Festival, the first edition of FOCUS ASIA has been held to offer to the European Buyers an overview of recent Asian audiovisual genre productions. The project has created a scenario where sales agents, film distribution companies, television broadcasters, VOD Platforms and Internet Player Companies from Asia and Europe have the opportunity to exchange views and further develop their relations.

Thanks to the program which includes Market Screenings of films that have not yet or have just been released, as well as Discussion Panels that focus on European and Asian genre-cinema, we can say that FOCUS ASIA has became a perfect professional meeting venue for the two continents.

After the successful 2016 edition, FOCUS ASIA expands its program and plans the launch of the first genre project market dedicated to genre projects with strong co-production or co-financing potential with Asia or Europe. The main goal is to establish new strong connections between the two continents already in the development phase, bringing together high quality projects, key players and financiers from both film industries.

The new market will select high quality genre projects with strong audience potential and capacity to access the two markets.
Each selected project will have the unique opportunity to meet leading decision makers and financiers from both Asia and Europe. The program will include one-to-one meetings and a framework program of panels and case studies with a specific focus on development, financing and distribution strategies for genre films. The main goal is to help the “rising wave” of genre producers and filmmakers to find partners and access new markets.
Along with the directors and producers of the selected projects, the market will bring together the main key-players of the Asian and European genre film industries: producers, sales agents, financiers, private investors, distributors, etc.


Synergies with the film industry

The new market will have the possibility to collaborate with a few leading representatives of the genre film industry from all over the world: Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bucheon, South Korea), Black Nights Film Festival – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event (Tallinn, Estonia), Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Sitges, Spanish State) and the Nordisk Film & Fond’s Nordic Genre Boost (Oslo, Norway).

The new project market will be held in cooperation with Ties That Bind, the leading co-production workshop for Asian and European producers. This will help to maximise the presence of experts and decision makers. Furthermore, since Ties That Bind has included an increasing number of genre projects, in the final line up, the workshop will automatically serve as a natural pool to scout potential projects for the market.

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