BIFF 2016 Overview

The 21stBusan International Film Festival

Period: Oct 6th(Thu) -Oct 15th(Sat), 2016



Total of 301films from 69countries

123World & International Premieres

– 96WorldPremieres (66FeatureFilms, 30Short Films)

– 27 International Premieres (25 Feature Films, 2Short Films)

– All New Currents screenings are World Premieres



– Hand Printing

– Master Class

– Open Talk

– Meet the Guest: Talk to Talk

– Audience Meet-and-Greet

– Cinema Together

– BIFF Forum


Program List

n Gala Presentation (4films)

n A Window on Asian Cinema (56films)

n New Currents (11films)

n Korean Cinema Today (28films)

  • Panorama
  • Vision

n Korean Cinema Retrospective (8films)

  • LEE Doo Yong: The Pathfinder of Korean Genre Films

n World Cinema (42films)

n Flash Forward (35films)

n Wide Angle (74films)

n Open Cinema (8films)

n Midnight Passion (9 films)

n Special Programs in Focus (24films)

Warming up for new takeoff and vision

With reflective introspection about the past 20 years, 2016 will be the first year to find a new direction and vision to look back over the next 20 years. Enhancing its own identity—reading the global film industry and discovering new Asian and Korean Cinema talents, Busan International Film Festival will be an independent festival that leads the new flow on its own; interactive festival that broadens the contact points with audiences; and an active festival that contributes to film industry.


Cooperating with the world’s filmmakers and citizen.

Busan International Film Festival affirmed the affections and solidarity that world’s filmmakers and citizen have shown through the past 2 years growing pains. Harnessing all the support and criticism into vital energy to keep our independence and autonomy, we will wisely settle all remaining issues. In addition, BIFF 2016 will universally announce its desire for the solidarity of Asian cinema by arranging “Special Talk: Three Masters”, a program introduced by three of Asia’s master filmmakers: Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Kore-eda Hirokazu, and Lee Chang-dong.


Ranging from LEE Doo Yong, Abbas KIAROSTAMI to masters of Colombia; retrospective and special programs covering Korean, Asian, and Colombian Cinema.

Korean Film retrospective of this year’s Busan International Film Festival will shed light on Lee Doo Yong, who opened the way for Korean genre film. Also, Special programs in focus will present memorable moments to meet the late Abbas Kiarostami’s masterpieces which include from his early works to his latest film. Iranian film master Abbas Kiarostami, who passed away this year, will be the recipient of the Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award. Also, the Busan International Film Festival offers an opportunity to keep track of the history of Colombian cinema which is receiving new acclaim by world.


Asian Film Market, Reinforcement of E-IP Market

The Asian Film Market provides various business opportunities for entertainment contents industry players in film, TV, and other new media productions.

‘E-IP Pitching’ and ‘Book To Film’ events will introduce to film and audiovisual contents makers the latest entertainment intellectual properties such as webtoons (web comics), web-novels, animations and novels, and will serve as the breaking grounds for participants to pursue potential business opportunities. Furthermore, ‘E-IP Legal Seminar’ and ‘E-IP Financing Seminar’ will offer informative advice on the legal protections for entertainment intellectual properties as well as the latest developments in E-IP investment and distribution on various platforms.3



Opening Film 

A Quiet Dream

Director |ZHANG Lu

Korea | 2016 | 101min | DCP | Color + B&W | WP


A Quiet Dream serves as a testament to Zhang Lu’s second period films, which include Gyeongju and Love and. After attempting to criticize reality through calm contemplation, Zhang has turned to making films that intertwine dreams, the cinematic, and reality. Black and white images, restrained music, and the daily rhythm

of life—all coalesce within the traces of a dream.



He began his career as a novelist, but became a director beginning with Eleven(2000) which was invited to the Venice International Film Festival. Director Zhang Lu debuted with his first feature Tang Poetry(2003). His Grain in Ear(2005) won the New Currents Awards at the 2005 Busan International Film Festival, the Prix ACID du meilleur in the International Critics’ Week at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, and the Concorso PNC at the 2005 Pesaro Film Festival. Other films of his have also been invited to major international film festivals, including Desert Dream (2007) which was entered into the competition section at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival, and Chongqing (2008) and Iri (2008) with China and Korea as the backdrop. Dooman River (2009) was invited to Generation Section of the Berlin International Film Festival. He has recently directed Scenery (2013) Gyeongju (2014) and Love and(2015). Presently, he teaches film at the School of Communication at Yonsei university.


Closing Film 

The Dark Wind

Director | Hussein HASSAN

Iraq, Germany, Qatar | 2016 | 92min | DCP | Color | IP


A film about innocent love, traditional values and the collision of conflicting religious beliefs, The Dark Wind is the third feature film by Hussein Hassan, a renowned actor and writer in Kurdistan, Iraq, making its international premiere at the Busan International Film Festival this year.


Hussein HASSAN

Hussein Hassan is a prominent film director, writer and actor from Kurdistan. In 2006, he shot his first feature film, Narcissus Blossom (2006) which screened in the Panorama section at the Berlin International Film Festival 2006; the film was also invited to the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2009, director Hassan made his second feature film, Herman (2009) as writer and director; the film premiered at the Busan International Film Festival. His third feature film (also his latest film) is called, The Dark Wind (2016).

Hassan has continuously worked on his own film projects since 2006; however, he is also known as a successful actor. He played the leading role in Shawkat Amin Korki’s award-winning film, Crossing the Dust (2006) and was the main actor in Korki’s award-winning film, Memories On Stone (2014). His most recent film as an actor was Batin Ghobadi’s Mardan (2014).


Asian Film Market 2016 


Asian Film Market 2016

The Asian Film Market, one of the most renowned film markets in Asia, will be held for 4 days during the 21stBusan International Film Festival. The Asian Film Market provides the participating companies a total film business market from promotion to sales, along with audiovisual contents. The Market is comprised of the Asian Project Market, Sales Booths, and the Entertainment Intellectual Property Market (E-IP Market) which is for intellectual property rights transactions. Business opportunities for various new media contents are provided as well.


Dates & Venues

Ÿ Date: Oct 8th(Sat) –Oct 11th(Tue), 2016

Ÿ Venues

Sales Booths: BEXCO Exhibition Center 2, 4Dㆍ4Eㆍ4F

Events: Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2

Market Screening: LOTTE CINEMA Centum City,

Screening Rooms, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2



1) Book To Film

Celebrating its fifth year, Book To Film serves as a meeting place for publishers and filmmakers to meet and discuss the viability of adapting books into films. Out of the outstanding submissions this year, 10 works of exceptional storylines were selected; and the majority is in the thriller genre. The 10 selected books will be presented at the ‘Book To Film’ pitching event.

* Appendix –Book To Film 2016 Selection List

Date: 10:30-12:00, Oct 8th(Sat), 2016

Location: Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2


2)E-IP Pitching

Ten original works selected from various industry fields and platforms such as web toons (web comics), web dramas, web novels, broadcasting contents, animations, and original scripts, will be introduced to attending professionals of the entertainment industry at the E-IP Pitching event.

*Appendix –E-IP Pitching 2016 Selection List

Date: 16:00 -17:30, Oct 8th(Sat), 2016

Location: Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2


3)E-IP Legal Seminar: Legal Protection for E-IP Format -Current Practices in Korea, China, and U.S.A

Prestigious lawyers from Korea, China, and Hollywood will discuss ‘the legal protection of the E-IP format’ which is considered a momentous issue among today’s entertainment businesses. Initially used in the TV industry, the concept of ‘format’ has expanded significantly to apply to most audiovisual contents including films which lead to the question of how to legally protect such formats. The seminar will provide practical information about the categories of E-IP format that could include incubation of idea, development, and production knowhows.

Date: 10:30 -12:00, Oct 9th(Sun), 2016

Location: Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2


4)E-IP Financing Seminar: The Future of E-IP Investments & Distributions in Various Platforms from Theaters to Mobiles

Respected companies of ICT culture fund, web portal, IPTV & mobile service, and crowd funding, will extensively discuss the current status of E-IP investment and distribution as well as provide their views about possible future developments.

Date: 13:30 -15:00, Oct 9th(Sun), 2016

Location: Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2


5)KOCCA New Story Creation Project Pitching

New Story Creation Project Pitching is co-organized by Korea Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA) and the Asian Film Market. This event will introduce 10 award-winning works from the ‘KOCCA Korea Story Open Competition’ to the industry professionals.

Date: 13:30 -15:00, Oct 8th(Sat), 2016

Location: Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2

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