Annecy 2017 Is A Great Opportunity for Creating Better Mutual Understanding and Establishing Dialogue to Benefit the Industry In China
- Interview with Mickael MARIN

Q: China is the Guest Country at Annecy 2017. Are there any special events at festival this year related with China and Chinese Animation?

MM:Exhibitions, retrospectives, projects and sneak previews, stands, conferences and celebrations… Whether at the Festival or the Market (Mifa), Chinese animation will be present in Annecy throughout the whole event. This transversal presence is a sign of the vitality of Chinese animation, which is based on strong traditional foundations as well as the country’s contemporary animation that is boosted by an industry that is structured and strengthened year after year.


Q: What’s your impression on the Chinses Animations industry in recent years? What are the important exchanges events and interactions between Chinese animation and French or global animation industry?

MM:Previously, essentially a subcontracting industry, Chinese animation has gone through a profound change to now produce or co-produce its own content for both the home and international markets.

The visit to Annecy this year is a symbol of the type of exchanges and opportunities that are sure to benefit the industry in China.

We hope that Annecy will lead to numerous deals or collaborations that we will see bearing fruit in the years to come.


Q: China has become the third biggest export market for French animation films. How does the French animation industry think about the development of the Chinese market in recent years?

MM: French industry professionals have clearly identified the Chinese market as a tremendous opportunity for growth and development.


Q: what kind of challenges and opportunities will Sino-French animation industry cooperation facing?

MM: Annecy 2017 is a great opportunity for creating better mutual understanding and establishing dialogue that can lay a solid foundation for consistent exchange.


Q: what kind of opportunities and platform does Annecy festival provide to young animation talents around world ? What should Chinese animators pay attention to when they participate in international exchanges?

MM: Annecy has always been a springboard for young creatives and an excellent platform for communication between industry artists and professionals.

Whether as part of the Animation du Monde Call for Projects, which spotlights creatives from emerging countries or other events like the recruitment sessions, we strive to provide the conditions that can help new films see the light of day and support the remarkable growth of the sector.

This year we are also strengthening guidance for young talents by creating the Mifa Campus that offers a programme of workshops and meetings devoted to students and entry-level professionals. These events are obviously open to Chinese creatives to help them better assimilate the expectations of the industry.


Q: Annecy International Animation Festival was founded in 1960, it has accumulated rich experience and won great international reputation. What do you think is the key element of the success of Annecy festival? How to balance the artistic characteristics and business benefit of the animation industry?

MM: The major keys to Annecy’s success are the specialization of the event, the fact the Festival and Market are held at the same time and that all formats (TV, features, commissioned and graduation films) are featured.

What makes Annecy so rich is the perfect balance between the importance given to the Official Selection with its independent productions and films from major studios.

Year after year at Annecy, we evaluate the industry’s extraordinary vitality reflected by this global production.

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