2018 FILMART Creates Diversified Business Platform Asia’s Premier Entertainment Marketplace Promotes the Development of Industry

The 22nd Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council will be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center during March 19-22, 2018. Hong Kong has always dedicated to promoting the production and distribution of film, TV and entertainment products in the Asia Pacific area, as well as the cross-media and cross-industry business and trade cooperation. After relentless efforts and years of experience accumulation, FILMART has become the largest film and TV exhibition in Asia and the annual event of the international film and TV entertainment industry.

After over 20 years of development, FILMART has become a cross-media, cross-industry film and TV entertainment trading platform. It successfully facilitates business and trade cooperation in multiple areas including film financing, distribution, production, post production, TV, digital entertainment, film and TV equipment, and shooting locations, and promotes industrial integration and development, which is highly recognized by the industry globally.

Diversified themes, supporting new industry development—2017 review

FILMART was successfully held in 2017, which attracted industrial elite from all over the world to Hong Kong: 815 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions gathered in Hong Kong, including 33 exhibition delegations from 18 countries and regions. In addition, last year’s FILMART also attracted 220 exhibitors from mainland China, including those from provinces and cities like Fujian, Ningbo and Hunan in the form of exhibition delegations. More than 8,000 people from 52 countries and regions participated, and participants from countries and regions in Asia increased significantly, including Cambodia, Chinese mainland, Burma, the Philippines and Taiwan of China.

With continuous development and progress of the industry, FILMART has been dedicated to diversifying its themes over the years to satisfy the needs of the industry. Except for film content, production and distribution, FILMART covers multiple themes such as TV, animation, professional equipment and post production, creating a one-stop purchasing platform for business and trade cooperation of the film and TV industry. TV has been an important element of FILMART. The 11th “TV World” continued to be jointly organized by Hong Kong Televisioners Association and Hong Kong Trade Development Council, attracting more than 310 companies from relevant industries. During the exhibition, “TV World International Forum” and multiple industry forums were held to provide latest industrial information and exchange opportunities for the industry.

In every year’s FILMART, a business area for intellectual property rights is specially set up to provide real-time free consulting service for exhibitors and visitors. The service scope covers the trade in intellectual property rights relating to film, TV and digital entertainment as well as global authorization programs. It is very well received by participants.

“Animation and Digital Entertainment World” in the exhibition of 2017 attracted more than 120 exhibitors from countries and regions like Cambodia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chinese mainland, France, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Ukraine and the US. “Hong Kong Animation and Digital Entertainment Hall” added an entertainment experiencing area to specially display the outstanding creativity and services of Hong Kong exhibitors, enabling visitors to experience in person the immersive virtual technology and relevant content. The special documentary area newly added in FILMART 2017 boasted more than 100 exhibitors from all around the world, and multiple themed forums and special previews were held to facilitate industrial exchange.

In total, 12 forums and symposiums of different themes were held in 2017 FILMART with the participation of close to 3,000 people. In-depth activities of the film industry included forums like Special Seminar on the Chinese Film Market, Chinese-Foreign Co-production Summit, The Producers Guild of America Seminar, and “Belt and Road: Unlimited Business Opportunities in Film and TV”. There were also exciting themed activities relating to the TV industry, online entertainment, animation and digital entertainment. These summarized the industrial development experience and explored future industrial trends. During the exhibition, over 70 special events were held, including award ceremonies, networking receptions, and press conferences held by various exhibitors. Exhibitors and industrial representatives from across the world were able to have in-depth communication and expand their business network.

“Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF)”, which was held again concurrently with FILMART, built a professional investment platform for the film industry, and assisted film programs with high potential in Hong Kong and Asia. While helping film projects to obtain capital and commercial support, it can also gather industrial elite and improve production done by young film makers. HAF has now become a top film financing platform in Asia, and the producers of the shortlisted 33 film projects held over 900 meetings to discuss cooperation with investors during the exhibition.

Professional industrial platform contributes to the vigorous development of film & TV enterprises from mainland China

Hong Kong has been an important bridge connecting the East and the West. Boasting geographical and social conditions, FILMART, on the one hand, enables exhibitors to showcase services in film, TV content and digital entertainment and to take the opportunity to leverage the huge market in Chinese mainland, and on the other hand, enables film producers, TV producers and animation enterprises from Chinese mainland to have a chance to meet with overseas buyers to promote local film and television products in person and take advantage of the business opportunities.

In 2017, more than 220 exhibitors from Chinese mainland attended the exhibitions, including China Film Promotion International, China Central Television Station (CCTV), Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Guangdong Province, National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Shanghai), Hangzhou Film and Television Association, and Capital Radio & TV Program Producers Association. Besides, delegations from Fujian, Ningbo and Hunan participated in the exhibition for the first time.

Chongqing Literature and Art Association organized over 30 people from Chongqing Film Association, Chongqing TV Artists Association and other film and television organizations to participate in FILMART and discuss cooperation with exhibitors. Participants said that through this exhibition, they had a full understanding of the trends in the international film and TV industry, and acquired a new perspective regarding the dynamic film and TV market and the basic rules of investment and financing in the process of film production. Guangzhou Film & TV Hall was jointly organized by Guangzhou Publicity Department, Commission of Commerce, and Press and Publication Bureau of Culture, Radio & Television, and consisted of 14 companies covering television programs, films, animations and Guangzhou Documentary Festival, demonstrating the diversity and vitality of Guangzhou’s film and television industry to the world through a complete industry chain. And on the day FILMART opened, film and television enterprises from Guangzhou already signed agreements for three co-productions with countries and regions including Hong Kong and Malaysia, with a total amount of about RMB35 million, fully starting international cooperation in film and TV production, and exploring a better way in international co-production, distribution and development. Fujian Provincial Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television set up a “Fujian Hall” for the first time, organizing 11 film and TV organizations from the province to participate in the exhibition, and reached 14 items of definite cooperation intention and 16 items of preliminary cooperation intention.

The 2018 event is around the corner

2018 FILMART will soon start, and various preparation activities are in full swing. According to the latest statistics of the organizer, the number of exhibitors for 2018 FILMART had exceed 850, and more exhibitors from overseas year on year: in the 2017 event, non-local exhibitors exceeded 86%, while in 2018, the number of participating countries and regions reaches 37. In addition to important markets like Europe, the UK, France and the US, there are new country participants from Nigeria, Finland and Columbia. Continuing the development trend of countries along the Belt and Road and countries from ASEAN in 2017, the number of exhibitors from these areas goes up compared with last year, including 361 exhibitors from 15 Belt and Road countries and more than 80 exhibitors from 7 ASEAN countries.

As the host, local Hong Kong big-name film and TV companies will definitely show up at FILMART. Emperor Motion Pictures, Sil-Metropole Organization, Media Asia Distribution, Star Dynasty, Mei Ah Entertainment and TVBI will all present their latest programs and development plans, and contribute more exciting creativity and works. The film and television industry of Chinese mainland has always considered FILMART an important platform for exchange with the overseas market, and the number of exhibitors from Chinese mainland creates a new record with no suspense, indicating the booming development of the film and TV industry in mainland China. Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Guangdong Province, Hangzhou Film and Television Association, National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Shanghai), China Film Promotion International, Ningbo Cultural Industry Promotion Association, and Fujian Provincial Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television all set up special exhibition halls, building an excellent platform for film and TV enterprises to show their strengths and discuss business. Famous enterprises from the film and TV industry in mainland China are among the exhibitors, such as China International Television Corporation, Huayi Brothers, Iqiyi Pictures, China Film Promotion International, Zhejiang Huace and Daylight Entertainment.

In addition, there are many highlights in this year’s FILMART. The documentary area will continue to provide more display room and good opportunities for the development of high quality documentaries. Over 200 exhibitors will jointly plan the future of documentaries on the platform of the exhibition. Exhibitors of the special area “Global Filming Support” provide unique shooting locations, studios, various special benefits and exclusive shooting services for the film and TV industry. On top of the film and television bases on the Chinese mainland, exhibitors from the US, Finland, Spain and Taiwan will demonstrate unique shooting locations and shooting resources.

According to preliminary statistics, more than 8,400 professionals from 76 countries and regions will visit 2018 FILMART, and visitors from emerging markets will bring new perspectives for the global vision of film and television enterprises. Buyers from various Internet platforms and professional areas will gather in the exhibition, providing good opportunities for business discussion and business development for film and TV enterprises. 2018 FILMART has also elaborately organised over 40 activities, including themed seminars, receptions, press conferences, premieres and award ceremonies. From which, 14 themed seminars will cover hot topics of the film and television industry, such as the Chinese mainland market, documentary, sharing of creation concepts by renowned directors, animation, and application of VR & VFX technologies, with the purpose to promote the further development of the film and television industry, exchange experiences, and explore new opportunities and new technologies emerging in the market. Many experts and big shots from the international film and television industry will participate in these activities to share their insight and experience. Preview of excellent movies is another highlight of FILMART. Many hot movies and award-winning movies of international film festivals as well as many outstanding documentaries will be shown for the first time in Asia through the platform of FILMART. This is really exciting!

As the No.1 film and television exhibition in Asia, FILMART attracts thousands of producers, distributors, investors and representatives of the industry from around the world every year. It creates a business platform for the international film and television community, and serves as the bridge for exchange and cooperation of the film and television industry between China and the West.

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